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Are you protected against emergencies at your property?

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Wed 14 Sep 2016

Are you protected against emergencies at your property?

Emergencies can occur in a tenanted property at any time and, as a landlord, they can prove to be costly if urgent repairs are required.

From burst pipes to blocked drains, unexpected leaks, broken windows and failed heating systems, all manner of problems can strike. What’s more, with winter soon to be upon us, we expect a rise in the number of such issues reported to us by tenants.

There is no way of knowing exactly when emergencies will arise; you could be out of the country at the time or dealing with other business matters and unable to authorise effective and speedy repairs by reputable tradesmen.

That’s why we recommend signing up to our Emergency Repair Service (ERS).

ERS is designed to afford you complete peace of mind. Should an emergency occur, your tenant will be able to call a special helpline number and a qualified and experienced specialist will visit the property as quickly as possible.

Calling out tradesmen - including plumbers, electricians and glazers - at short notice can be expensive. But with ERS, you are covered for up to £750 in call-out charges, labour and materials, providing you with financial security and reassurance in the event of an unfortunate circumstance occurring.

All of the contractors on our database have been fully vetted. As soon as they are alerted to an issue they will attend the scene and attempt to complete a permanent repair, and if this is impossible they will attempt to find a temporary solution.

Just a few of the situations classed as emergencies under ERS are:

• Sudden roofing emergencies, such as tiles being blown off during a storm

• Blockage in toilet waste pipes (in properties with only one toilet)

• Plumbing issues relating to leaking pipes, radiators, water tanks or drains

• Central heating or boiler failure

• Complete electrical failure

• Vermin - including rats, mice and wasps

ERS is not designed to replace your current buildings and contents insurance, but it can work alongside these to provide a service that may not be covered by everyday policies. It allows you to budget effectively without the threat of a huge repair bill should something go wrong and provides you with the security of your property being looked after in the event of an emergency.

At a cost of just £124.40 per annum (£10.36 per month), ERS is a shrewd investment for any landlord.

For more information on ERS or to sign up, please do not hesitate to get in touch.